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SPR has been an important partner/mentor in helping this organization build its evaluation capacity.  We have found the associates to be smart, professional, and as committed to “the cause” as to the craft of social policy research and evaluation. They are able to scale a project that meets our work and budget requirements.  This is so valuable for a small non-profit organization like Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) who does not have deep pockets and resources.

Vivian Eng, Program Manager, Twenty-First Century              
      Foundation   (21CF) 

SPR is the most insightful, deep-thinking, meticulous, and thoughtful evaluation team with whom I have worked.  What I appreciate most about SPR is their ability to not merely collect and summarize data but to actually analyze data as intellectuals and thought leaders in the field.  

-    Asha Mehta
     San Francisco Beacon Initiative Director

Our partnership with SPR has been invaluable.  We involved them early and often in our program design process and greatly benefited from the tools they provided and critical questions they asked.  They served as an important check on our work, ensuring that all of our programmatic choices were intentional and rooted in our theory of change.  We have found it an absolute joy to the SPR team, and are excited to work with such thoughtful evaluators who are just as committed as we are to delivering the best program possible. 

-    Emily Napalo and Jackie Payne, The Raben Group
     (Initiative Directors of the NoVo Foundation Movement Building 
       Initiative to End Violence Against Women and Girls)

As a network of over 150 organizations around the world it can be challenging to capture the breadth of social change being made by so many people in so many locations.  SPR brought to us both their deep evaluation skills and the cultural sensitivity needed to understand the nuances of social change being made throughout our vast network.   Over the years, SPR has enabled us to successfully capture and share our impact with our stakeholders.
Cynthia Schmae, Women’s Funding Network representative