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Research and Evaluation

Through thoughtful data collection and analysis, our expert team will identify your program's strengths and opportunities. Our services include:
• Multi-level evaluations

• Cluster/Initiative evaluations

• Collaborative process and planning evaluations

• Logic Model development & theory-driven evaluations

• Multicultural evaluation design

• Participatory evaluation design

• Policy implementation & impact studies

• Organizational and population-based needs assessments, and gaps analyses

• Survey design and statistical analysis (paper and web-based administration) 

• Telephone and in-person interviews with program administrators & staff

• Site visit observation and focus groups

• Data collection among hard-to-reach populations (e.g., farmworkers, day laborers,
   non-English speakers, low-income parents, out of school youth)

• Ethnographic research & case study analysis

• Multi- and cross-site analysis

• Support in designing funding strategies and special initiatives

• Development of appropriate measures/benchmarks to assess program performance

For more information or to discuss potential projects, please contact:

Hanh Cao Yu (youth, health, diversity, philanthropy): hanh_cao_yu@spra.com
Sukey Leshnick (education): sukey@spra.com
Ron D'Amico (workforce): ron_damico@spra.com